Makeup revisit

Makeup Revisit – Kylie cosmetics x Koko Kollection…

Hey my little Brushaflies 😘 Welcome back to my little makeup blog. If your new hear I’m Mercy P of Brushafly Mua and I hope you enjoy your time here on my blog.

Today I decided to do a Makeup Revisit. A makeup revisit is where I go through my makeup collection and find something I used to love but haven’t used for a while to see if I still love it as much or whether it’s time to let it go!

Today’s makeup revisit is the Kylie cosmetics x Koko Kollection eyeshadow palette and liquid lip collection. I believe it is the round 3 of the Kylie x koko kollections but I could be wrong and just remembering something else lol. I purchased this collection last year in the summer so I guess my makeup is a year old lol, but is it still going strong? Or is it now just a wrong – un?

My Kylie cosmetics x Koko Kollection

Lets start by looking at the actual makeup collection itself and discussing how they apply, blend and wear.

The collection included :

  • The eyeshadow palette which Khloe aka koko pretty much dedicated to her beloved daughter True. The palette is on the more neutral side of the spectrum and consists of 9 shades, which are a mixture of matte shades and shimmery almost glittery shades (but not quite glitter as such). There are 5 matte shades and 4 metallic shimmery shades.
  • The consistency of the shades are different between the matte and the shimmers. The mattes feel quite hard and chalky in the pan but swatch well and actually apply really nicely to the eye. They do blend well but you do need to build up the colours if you blend too much but that to me is fine. They stay on the eye well, there is no disappearing act like with some eyeshadows I have tried in the past. The metallic / shimmer shades are beautiful and are so silky to the touch. They can be applied with a finger (You always know its good when you can apply that way) or with a damp brush to add more vibrancy (but that is not really needed).
  • Overall I love the eyeshadow palette and would recommend it… but… I’m not sure Kylie is selling it anymore. I had a look on her website but could only see the Koko liquid lipsticks… Which of course brings us to the next subject… The liquid lipsticks!!!

The liquid lipstick kollection…

  • There are 2 liquid lipsticks and 1 lip liner in this Koko kollection and I do believe at the time of writing this they are still on sale on Kylie’s website. But be warned, Kylie’s makeup sells out ASAP!
  • The first liquid lip is ‘The bigger the hoops’ which is actually my favourite one as it has a more pinky nude tone to it and is the one I’m wearing in the picture.
  • The second one is called ‘Allergic to Bullshit’ and is a more browny nude. Both shades are beautiful and wear well. They are I must admit not the best matte liquid lip I have ever tried but the shades are beautiful and they do wear nice for the first sort of hour or two but after that I find I have to take off a reapply. But I find this with all Kylie cosmetics liquid lips.
  • The lip liner is called Handbag ho and is a dark nude brown. It gives a more darker defined lip before adding the lighter looking liquid lips but it is creamy smooth, applies well and wears well.
  • I would recommend these if you are a matte liquid lip lover and a hard core Kylie cosmetics fan, but they are not my be all and end all liquid lip.

The packaging of this collection was a super cute, sleek and smooth gold for the eyeshadow palette and gold and pink for the liquid lipsticks. Which I admit I adored and kept in a box frame so I can keep them forever. I mean if I’m paying that much for makeup and pretty packaging, I’ll keep it haha.

Conclusion for my makeup revisit?

I might be a bit biased with the Kylie makeup because the Kardashians and Jenners are my guilty pleasure lol but I do really like this collection and will continue to use it. Will I buy more Kylie cosmetics makeup in the future? Probably, I do love collecting it although not all of them, just the ones I like the look of. The only real downside to Kylie cosmetics is the p and p and customs to the UK. But I haven’t ordered from her for a while so she could have changed it, like so many other American companies have… But if she hasn’t that is the one thing that let’s Kylie down for the UK side.

I hope you enjoyed my little makeup revisit my Brushaflies and I will speak soon in my next blog post. Take care xoxo

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