Makeup YouTube Video Ideas

50 More Makeup YouTube Video Ideas…

Hey my little Brushaflies 😜 Hope you had fun looking at all my 50 Makeup and YouTube video ideas? If you did great, glad I could be of service… But if you need more ideas then once again don’t fret because I actually have 50 more Makeup YouTube video Ideas for you to all sink your teeth into! If your new to my makeup blog then Hi, I’m Mercy P of Brushafly Mua, welcome, put your feet up and chillax here. If you missed my last YouTube video ideas blog post I will post a link here so you can go and have a nosey 😘 plus don’t forget your pen and paper to take those notes down on and jot down your own ideas! Link to my 50 Makeup YouTube video ideas – 50 Makeup YouTube Video Ideas

So here we go… Here are the next 50 Makeup YouTube Video Ideas…

1) Top 5 – Now this can go in many directions which I will list below for you

  • Top 5 Concealers
  • Top 5 Foundations
  • Top 5 Lipsticks
  • Top 5 Lip Glosses
  • Top 5 Mascaras
  • Top 5 Eye Liners
  • Top 5 Eyeshadow Palettes
  • Top 5 Skincare Products
  • Top 5 Blushers
  • Top 5 Bronzers
  • Top 5 Highlighters
  • Top 5 Brow Products
  • Top 5 Primers
  • Top 5 Powders
  • Top 5 Setting Sprays
  • Top 5 of one makeup brand
  • Top 5 of a skincare brand
  • Top 5 makeup brushes
  • Top 5 makeup sponges
  • Top 5 Favourite Brands

Omg that is a lot of Top 5’s right… But it can make for some great content and give you a good handful of videos to film for your channel or to blog about on your blog. You could also switch it up and do your worst 5… But I don’t need to list all of those examples right?!? 😜

2) Bath-time Skincare Routine

3) Makeup De-Clutter

4) D.I.Y beauty – e.g. Making your own lip balm, lip gloss, bath bombs, soaps etc

5) New Makeup Releases Your Looking forward to

6) Reacting to your own ‘old’ makeup videos

7) Reacting to ‘Old’ Makeup YouTube Videos from other people

8) My ‘Insert name here’ Picks my makeup

9) Full Face of Poundshop Makeup

10) Beauty or Makeup Event Blog / Vlog

11) Assumptions Video

12) Q and A from Fans / Followers

13) Makeup Purchases You Regret Buying

14) How you did your Makeup at School

15) How you Edit your Makeup Videos

16) How you Edit your Photos for YouTube and Social Media

17) How much Product Is In a Makeup Product – Can become Quite Scientific…

18) Can You Repress Certain Makeup Products

19) How to Fix a Broken Eyeshadow Palette

20) Tour of Your Makeup Table

21) Creative Makeup Storage Ideas

22) Your Makeup Storage

23) Makeup and Beauty Giveaways

24) Good Places to train as an Mua

25) How to match your Makeup to your Face Mask

26) How to Match your Makeup to your Outfit

27) How to look after your Skin when Wearing your Face Masks

28) Makeup do’s and don’ts

29) Tiktok Makeup Hacks

30) Tiktok Skincare Hacks

31) Shoes and Makeup or other things you enjoy and Makeup

32) Doing Your Friends Makeup

33) GRWM – Get Ready With Me – Do your makeup and chat

34) This Years Makeup Trends

35) Project Pan – Hit pan on certain makeup products

36) Makeup yourself ‘Old’ Makeup Challenge

37) Random Facts about Yourself

38) Glow Up Makeup Challenges – From the BBC Three TV show

39) My friends / mums / sisters makeup bag challenge

40) Makeup Revisit – Revisit an old product you used to love and see if you still like it

41) Celebrate a YouTube or Makeup Milestone

42) Bloopers Reel

43) The History of Makeup

44) My Week in Colour Challenge

45) Lipstick of the Day, Week, Month, Year…

46) Doing Your Makeup in Alphabetical Order

47) Why it is important to clean your Makeup Brushes and Sponges and how to do it properly

48) Your Personal Experience with Fake Makeup

49) How to Apply False Lashes

50) Life Update video…

So there you have it, 50 more Makeup YouTube Video Ideas. I hope these come in handy and help you all with your own makeup and beauty YouTube channel and help it to grow. Once again if you have any ideas then please let me know down below so I can add them to my next Makeup YouTube Ideas video.

Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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