Makeup YouTube Video Ideas

50 Makeup YouTube Video Ideas…

Hey my little Brushaflies, hope your all ok and playing with makeup 😘

If like me you are just starting out in the whole makeup YouTube world (or starting out all over again) you may want a little helping hand with some makeup and beauty inspired ideas. Maybe you have done a few videos but now your muse has flown the nest and you just need a new muse to help guide you on your makeup YouTube path… Well don’t fret, I have 50 makeup video ideas for you right here to use and to help you create some awesome content 😜

1) Full Face of Drugstore Makeup

2) Full Face of High-end Makeup

3) Full Face of Makeup Dupes

4) Full Face of Makeup Samples

5) Halloween Makeup Tutorials

6) Glam Makeup Tutorials

7) Wedding Makeup Tutorials

8) New Eyeshadow Palette Tutorials

9) A ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Tutorial

10) Your Own Everyday Makeup Look Tutorial

11) Your Work Makeup Tutorial

12) Best of Beauty – Could be a monthly video e.g. Jan, Feb, March etc

13) Your Monthly Makeup Favourites – similar to best of beauty but you mix it up a little

14) Your Monthly Skincare Favourites

15) Your Monthly Haircare Favourites

16) Best of Beauty Seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, winter…

17) Best of Beauty end of year Edition

18) Worst of Beauty end of year Edition

19) Makeup Product Reviews (Obviously)

20) Product Empties

21) Makeup Haul

22) Skincare Haul

23) Haircare Haul

24) Fashion Haul

25) Charity Shop Haul

26) Makeup You Like to Travel With

27) Holiday Makeup Routine

28) The Power of Makeup – Half and Half face of makeup, one side makeup, one side none

29) 3 Minute Makeup Challenge

30) No Mirror Makeup Challenge

31) Monthly Nail Inspo

32) £10 Makeup Challenge

33) £20 Makeup Challenge

34) Drugstore vs High-end

35) Full Face of Glitter Makeup Challenge

36) Full Face of Highlighter Challenge

37) Sponge or Brush for Makeup Application

38) So and so does my Makeup Challenge

39) Pass the Brush Makeup Challenge – Rope some makeup friends into this one

40) What’s in my Makeup Bag Challenge

41) 50 Questions No One Asks

42) YouTube Made Me Buy It

43) Would You Rather In Beauty

44) Ride or Die Makeup

45) Anti-haul Video – Products you don’t want to buy

46) Makeup Bargain of the Week, Month, Year etc

47) PR and Purchased Makeup Unboxing

48) Makeup Books Worth Reading

49) Makeup and or Beauty Subscription boxes

50) A Day in the life of a Makeup YouTuber…

So there you go, 50 Ideas for you to use on your Makeup and Beauty YouTube channel. You could also use some of these ideas to make content for your blog too if your more into blogging than vlogging. Just make it your own and create some awesome makeup and beauty content.

Keep an eye out for other blog posts of mine where I will be giving you more makeup and beauty blog and vlog video ideas. If you have any I could add to my next list to help others then feel free to comment them below in the comments section.

Take care my Brushaflies and speak soon xoxo

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