About me… The Brushafly Blog and Vlog…

Hey my little Brushaflies and welcome to my new makeup and beauty blog, which is going to be a sister blog for my YouTube channel by the same name which I am hoping to launch in the new year (2021) but more news on that as it happens. At the moment I am going to start off with this blog to get my makeup creative juices flowing and to share with you all my makeup and beauty knowledge.

So who am I? Who is the face behind Brushafly?

It’s me, the Brushafly Mua…

So I am a mother of two beautiful princesses, a dog mum to a rather annoying yet totally loveable French Bulldog, a wife, qualified makeup artist (mua) and author. I hope to add successful makeup YouTuber to that list but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

I love makeup and all things beauty related so I thought what better way to spend my free time (especially since we are in and out of lockdown) by playing with makeup, skincare and all things beauty. I also love crafting things for my makeup table and for makeup storage which I will share with you guys if I think its good and it may help you 😁

Brushafly Mua…

Why did I decide to call my blog and vlog Brushafly Mua?

Let me tell you how the name Brushafly Mua became…

I used to have a blog and YouTube channel before, also a makeup one. It was called Mnpmakeupblog. I loved my channel and spent a long time building it up, but I didn’t feel it really suited me and my aesthetic. So, after some thought and a slight disagreement with some family members lol (that’s a whole other story) I decided to remake, rebrand and redo my whole channel… (I must add my old channel is no more, in a fit of mid-life crisis at 31 years of age haha, I deleted it ALL) after deleting it all, I did think what is my calling, should I try something new but makeup just kept coming up in my mind and life. So I decided to do it all again, which actually took a while to figure out and do, mostly because I wasn’t sure if I had the energy to do it all over again.

But… I have a secret weapon, where I have done it before I can do it again but better because I know what to do and how to do it!!! Hopefully the filming, editing, uploading, banner creating, logo making, channel and blog designing will be more of a breeze because I know what and how to do it!

The name Brushafly Mua came about due to a little luck I guess. I was creating Christmas gifts for my kids teachers (They are Spa in a Jars. It’s where I take an old jar / recycle an old jar, paint the inside pretty with paint or with glitter, then add small sample size makeup and or skincare products… Add a pretty bow or two and Ta-da, you have a spa in a jar). So whilst I was making these, I tipped the jars upside down to create drip effects inside them and let the excess paint and glitter go on some paper. I then folded the paper over to bin it, but something made me open it and I saw wings, butterfly / angel wings!

So I kept them. A few days later an idea occurred to me. I have box frames by my makeup table that I like to have makeup packaging in. The biggest one I own didn’t have packaging in but lipstick swatches which had seen better days, so I thought to revamp it… I laid the wings down on some paper and after rummaging through my makeup drawers I found some makeup brushes I didn’t use. And I just stuck them down next to the wings, and it created what I now call a ‘Brushafly’.

Mua is just what you call a makeup artist and I am one, I qualified at the beginning of 2019!!! So it just seemed natural to put Mua at the end of my new blog and channel name.

So there you have it, a little about me and my blog and channel and why its called what it is. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and watching my videos when I get to uploading some in the new year. So keep your eyes peeled for some new makeup content from me.

Take care my little Brushaflies 😘 and speak soon xoxo


Makeup is an artform, a creative platform and an expression for many. Go with the flow and create what comes to you. Makeup is magic.

Brushafly Mua Xoxo

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